Core Project 1
Self-organization mechanism

Develop and apply technologies to analyze self-organization of organogenesis and elucidate the principles governing this process. Research on single-cell level analysis, 3D morphogenesis, mathematical modeling, etc. of stem cells and organoids.


Core Project 2
Engineering and designing organoids

Aim to improve in vitro tissue morphogenesis through research related to generating organ systems from stem cells, establishing multi-organ networks, developing organ-on-a-chip technology and designing tissues.


Core Project 3
Long-term culture and maturation

Develop a vascularization technology for 3D tissues, in vitro organ culture technology and artificial blood to realize long-term culture and maturation of organoids.


Core Project 4
Development of disease models

Establish a platform for modeling diseases using genome-editing technologies or patients-derived iPS cells for understanding the mechanism of pathogenesis and for screening candidate drugs.


Co researcher
Mitsuru Morimoto Mitsuru Morimoto
Minoru Takasato Minoru Takasato

Core Project 5

Aim to standardize and increase efficiency of organoid generation through automation, such as robotization of experiments, analyses of photo images using AI.